After successfully building MACDC's main website, they approached us with a new project for the Mel King Institute. They wanted a design that was unique but similar to that of their main website. They wanted it done inexpensively as their initial budget was limited.

They wanted it done in a few weeks.

We built a site that derives much of its structure from MACDC.org, while changing key elements and branding to create a unique look. The result was a compelling new site that fit with the theme of the existing site and that was developed quickly and for less than the cost of one with a completely new design.

In the years since, as the Institute and their needs grew, we updated the site with a brand new design and the latest version of Drupal. 

The Challenge

Not every site has the optimal budget and timeframe. This non-profit organization came to us with a goal in mind: a compelling site for a new initiative that could be built quickly at a low cost and without a lot of headaches. The rest could come later.