At Charles River Web, we specializing in bringing our clients visions to reality. Our designers and technologists work with you to assess your audience, determine your needs, and build the right site for the job.

Web Site Builds

At Charles River Web, we work closely with our clients to ensure that we understand their specific needs and goals for their website. We begin this process with a consultation to gather information about the client's business, brand, target audience, and desired website features. Based on this information, we develop a detailed project plan that outlines the website's scope, timelines, and budget. Once the project plan is approved, we begin the design and development phase, where we create wireframes, mockups, and prototypes as needed. We provide our clients with opportunities to provide feedback and make revisions throughout this process. Finally, once the website is complete, we provide training and ongoing support to ensure that the client can manage and maintain their website effectively. Throughout the entire process, we prioritize communication with the client to ensure that their needs are met and that the final product aligns with their vision.

Drupal Services

If you already have website but need something more, our experts can help you add features and upgrade to the latest version of the site software. If your site is already built in Drupal, we can assess its security, fix any vulnerabilities, and upgrade to the latest version. We can get the data out of your old site and into your new one, we can put a fresh face on a functional but dated site, and we can rejuvenate a broken and troublesome old site.

Hosting and Maintenance

We offer our clients a one-stop-shop for development and hosting services. Our in-house development team is supported by our hosting partner's worldwide network of data centers and engineers, ensuring your site is monitored 24/7 and there is always someone fresh and ready to deal with an emergency. We are also happy to work with your host or internal hosting department if you so choose.

Consulting and Analysis

Our technologists offer a full range of consulting in related technologies, including search engine optimization, Wordpress development, hosting management, and market analysis. 

  • As small publishing company, we are constantly faced with the pressures of an increasingly digital future. When our last web developer dropped the ball, CRW stepped in at the last minute and saved the day.

    Even though it was a new relationship, Ezra and his team took the project seriously and got the necessary work done quickly. CRW is always instantly responsive and has been immensely helpful in keeping our web site looking and functioning well.

    Steven Zevitas
    Publisher, New American Paintings
  • CHAPA has worked with Charles River Web to both maintain existing sites and to develop and design a new site. No matter the project, CRW is a pleasure to work with.

    They take the time to explain our options and even teach us how to do do things ourselves when appropriate. Their quality of work is always exceptional, and the website they helped create has been very well received by both the users and by our partners. As a small nonprofit, we rely heavily on the expertise of our website consultants while needing to balance affordability.

    Erin Roussinova
    Communications & Events Manager, CHAPA
  • Working with Charles River Web was wonderful.  MACDC set out to build a new site on the Drupal platform and Charles River Web was quite responsive to our needs while developing a site that was elegant and easy to use.  

    Charles River Web’s team is comprised of serious computer programmers who had no problem addressing any of the challenges we presented to them. We not only recommend them for your web development needs, but also look forward to working with them again on our next project.

    Joe Kriesberg
    President of MACDC