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We are a full service consultancy committed to providing superior and cost effective solutions. We focus on database-driven applications that allow timely, dynamic and customizable content delivery.

About Us

Charles River Web started as an extension of founder Seth Itzkan's consultancy Planet Tech Associates, which at the time was focused on identified trends and strategic planning. This was the nineties, when the web was in its infancy. Seth recognized the web as a technology that would change the world, and started developing sites as part of his consultancy. He hired then-student Ezra Klughaupt assist in development part-time.

Fast-forward a little over 10 years, and you find the company that we have become today. Ezra has moved up through the ranks from intern to CEO. Seth is still here developing strategy and keeping things running. We have also added a couple of additional developers and a stable of expert consultants on hand to assist in anything from accessibility testing, financial services integration, graphic design, copywriting, data entry, and all of the other tasks that go into building great websites.

Please contact us for a complete staff listing and CVs.

Our Team

Ezra Klughaupt
Ezra has been a tinkerer his whole life and started his career in web development as a teenager in the 90s, creating web sites and directing an early e-commerce strategy for the local computer store where he worked. Since then, he has gone on to study Computer Science at Tufts University, where he first worked with company cofounder Seth Itzkan as a development intern at Charles River Web's predecessor, Planet-Tech Associates.

Ezra quickly moved from assisting in development to directing it, leading him and Seth to spin off Charles River Web as its own entity. He lead the company's evolution from Microsoft ASP development to custom PHP development and Drupal based application development. He is an expert on subjects ranging from Drupal Website Development, AWS hosting infrastructure, Linux system administration, and other aspects of the web business.
Seth Itzkan
Seth has over 25 years of experience in high-tech industries. He has worked for Andersen Consulting; Bolt, Beranek and Newman; and Digital Equipment Corporation. Seth has a Bachelor of Science in Engineering from Tufts University.
Diane has over 15 years of experience in the tech industry including a stint as a contract developer for Google. She has been working as a web developer for the past 5 years and is well versed in UX development and Drupal development. Diane has a BSEE from the University of California, Santa Cruz.