The Hockey Academy

E-commerce solution for youth hockey league
Hockey Academy front page screenshot
In the world of the web, a 3 year old site is dated, a five year old site is old, and a 10 year old site is virtually unheard of. Yet over ten years after we developed The Hockey Academy's website, it's core is still chugging away, providing the engine for THA's business.

Our founder Seth Itzkan approached his coach after a league game back in 2005. He loved the league, but wished he could sign up online. He could tell the back office was overwhelmed with scheduling and registration requests. He could hear staff struggling to juggle schedules when he called up the office.

It turns out that things were even worse then they looked. THA staff was using an outdated Microsoft Access database for the core of their business data. Schedules were scribbled onto marker boards, registrations entered into the Access system, and payments punched into a point of sale system. There had to be a better way.

We built them a customized registration and scheduling system built on top of a custom-designed PHP framework. We replaced a set of disjointed physical and digital systems with a single web-based one. Staff could set up leagues and programs through the web interface. Customers could set up accounts and register online. Payment were processed through the website using That little Microsoft Access workstation in the corner of the office was finally retired. In it's stead was a robust new system, hosted on the cloud and not vulnerable to single points of failure.

Over the years we have added numerous new features, including a new Drupal-based front end. Below the facade, however, still lies the same solid structure built by then-intern Ezra Klughaupt.

Now Ezra is our CEO, but he's still there to dive into the code to add a new feature to his 'baby.'