Why Drupal?

The future of open source CMS... "There's a module for that"

There's a module for that

Charles River Web specializes in application development using the Drupal open source content management system. This fully extensible platform written in PHP is rapidly becoming the standard for open source community publishing and content management. It is renowned for its performance and is achieving market penetration within enterprises far in excess of competing open source solutions. There are thousands of vetted modules that accommodate web application and integration needs, from e-commerce to LDAP authentication. If you ask, "can it do that?” the answer is yes.

The Future of CMS

There’s no point in being stuck in the past with stodgy, expensive, proprietary solutions. Drupal is the application that we, and many analysts, believe has eliminated any remaining doubt about the worthiness of open source CMS solutions within corporate IT environments. Institutions around the world are discovering this every day. In short, we believe Drupal is part of the wave of the future that is rendering proprietary CMS solutions obsolete. We switched to it specifically because we saw the value it provided to our clients and because that's what the market is demanding.


You need a solution quick. So do we. Drupal helps us both. It allows us to develop your web presence quickly, effectively, and with assured durability. As developers, we have discovered that Drupal is an ideal solution for many organizations, probably just like yours, that need to launch an online application in short order, and on budget. Typical application objectives include:

  • Content Publishing – Newsletters, whitepapers, reports, personal profiles, class schedules, etc.
  • Social Networks – Interest groups, event calendars, blogs, project planning, photo galleries, tie-ins to Facebook, Twitter, etc.
  • E-commerce – Single sale, subscriptions, returning customers, tie-ins with Authorize.net, Paypal, Google Checkout, etc.
  • Enterprise Applications & Database Integration – LDAP authentication, Salesforce CRM integration, customer tracking, etc.
  • Rapid Prototyping – Proof of concept development for angel investing. See more on this below.

Rapid Prototyping

Drupal is an excellent tool for Rapid Prototyping of potentially large and complex projects. Rapid Prototyping allows you to quickly move your entrepreneurial concept beyond PowerPoint slides and static HTML and into a living application suitable for venture capital review.

Services and Support for Drupal

Are you safe with a mission critical open source application? Absolutely. Charles River Web is Silver Partners with Acquia Incorporated of Burlington, Mass., who are the world’s leading developers of Drupal technology and support services. They were founded by the team that invented Drupal. There is no more knowledgeable Drupal enterprise. We recommend that our clients utilize Acquia Drupal with an Acquia Network Subscription. This provides technical support and hosted cloud-based services, such as Mollom spam protection Acquia Search and Heartbeat (which remotely keeps tabs on site performance). Acquia does not provide website development. They provide hosted support services for Drupal applications. As developers, we find this helpful, and clients take comfort in knowing that there is a major company operating as a "safety net" for their application. For more information on the Acquia Subscription plans please see http://acquia.com/product-matrix. Charles River Web is also happy to provide hosting and support plans for all our projects. These can be tailored to your needs.